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Product automation developer / deployer

Product automation developer / deployer, Full time , Job expirat
București, București, România
EEU Software SRL
Product automation developer / deployer

Mandatory skills: 

Operating Systems: Experienced Linux system engineer or Windows administrator. Can perform most tasks with no assistance.
At least 5 years hands-on experience with Red Hat Linux family (any of: RHEL, RHEV, CentOS, Oracle EL, SL, FC, etc.)
At least 3 years hands-on experience with Windows Server family (2008, 2008 R2, 2012, 2012 R2)
Knowledge of the following Unix flavors is a plus: IBM AIX, Sun Solaris
Virtualization and Cloud Computing: Senior level virtualization skills. Can perform most virtualization tasks with minimum assistance.
At least 6 months hands-on experience with VMware or Linux KVM (libvirt, libguestfs, virsh, qemu, qemu-img, virtio) or equivalent experience using Xen, Oracle VM.
Ability to understand complex architectures and integrated systems
Middleware and Database Skills
Experience in installing, configuring and managing two or more middleware, for eg: application servers, databases, web servers, messaging engines, etc
Storage and Networking: Basic Storage and Network Skills
Scripting and Automation: Experienced. Can perform most scripting tasks with no assistance in a language of choice (sh, ksh, bash, perl on *NIX and BAT, WSH, PoSH, VBS on Windows). Uses functions, flow control, conditional statements and understands basic unit testing concepts.
Infrastructure and middleware automation tools knowledge is desired: Chef, Puppet, Ansible, SALT
UNIX / Linux shell scripting (Bourne Shell / Korn Shell & POSIX tools). Uses tools such as curl, sed, awk, cut, tr, grep, sort, uniq, diff, patch, netcat to perform basic automation and text manipulation.
Understands and uses regular expressions.
Basic understanding of XML and XML technologies (XPath, XML Schema)& tools (such as Saxon, LibXML, XSV, MSXML, SQC, tidy, xmllint) or JSON.
Basic understanding of RESTful web services using HTTP, REST principles, XML or JSON. Basic understanding of SOAP.
Understands and uses any centralized or distributed version control system (such as CVS, SVN, git, mercurial).
Basic understanding of source code build tools (build C / C++ and Java source code using Makefiles, ant, gradle or maven), debugging and troubleshooting.
Testing and Quality Assurance: Basic Testing and QA Skills
Has used and understands Bug Reporting Tools and Concepts (such as Bugzilla, RTC, ClearQuest, JIRA, rt, etc.).
Understands support processes and ticketing systems.
Basic testing and QA skills.
English: proficient(understanding, speaking and writing).
Ability to monitor, report progress and achieve agreed deliverables.
Ability to document, certify, present and hand over (knowledge transfer) his work results.

Nice to have skills:

Experience in Software Development Projects using agile development methodologies (SCRUM).
Experience with the IBM Cloud Computing Reference Architecture.                                                                           Basic Understanding of Platform as a service (PaaS) considered a plus                                                                           Knowledge of OpenStack and Heat Templates is a plus                                                                                   Deployment of Java Application Servers (WebSphere Application Server, Tomcat) or Deployment of Databases (SQL Server, Oracle DB, MySQL) is considered a plus                                                                                                     Jython / Python scripting skills considered a plus. JACL / Jython WAS wsadmin scripting also a plus.           Experience with Continuous Integration tools (such as Hudson, Jenkins, CruiseControl, Bamboo, Jazz Build Server) considered a plus.

Tasks and responibilities:

Develop, Build and Deliver product automation according to client specifications in Chef and organization's quality standards
Perform research as needed in order to incorporate new products or features
Develop automated tests
Assume ownership for both client communication and management of expectations

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