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Microsoft Sharepoint and Web Application Developer

UiPath - Robotic Process Automation
Microsoft Sharepoint and Web Application Developer
What if you could shape the future of work and be part of the team that creates the digital workforce of tomorrow, by means of Robotic Process Automation?
In the beginning of the 20th century, Henry Ford had a vision of creating assembly lines and facilitating mass production.
100 years later, UiPath has a grand vision of liberating the human workforce from tedious, boring, repetitive tasks, by means of software robots, artificial intelligence and machine learning.
If you like to think ahead, like we do, then we must talk.

Here's what you would be doing at UiPath:
Scope of Activities
Design, build, test and package product extension for MS Sharepoint, Azure & PowerApps or other HTML5, Javascript, ASP as part of the DCM solution.
This will also include the integration of other DCM, ERP, etc. using APIs. These extensions are part on an extension package and need to be separate installers, with documentation and training.
It may also include the implementation and design of a Machine Learning module for the DCM.

5+ years in Web design, application design and implementation of Sharepoint solutions, MS-SQL and Non-SQL software development experience.
Experience in using Sharepoint designer, programming ASP and .NET applications, using REST and SOAP APIs.
Ability to program in Python.
Optional also skills in PHP.
Has worked in Agile SW development projects
Exceptional verbal and written communications skills.
Fluent in English. 
Bachelor degree in Computer Science or equivalent.

We are offering the possibility to work from home or flexible working hours in a nice office plus free daily premium catering.
Competitive salary, a Stock Options Plan and the unique opportunity of working with us to develop state-of-the-art robotics technology are just a few of the pluses.
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