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Do you know the premium phone numbers? Like in Finland where you can call the hospital to their premium phone number and pay like 0.6EUR/min, to have a diagnostic?
We are the only billing system that does the same for Skype-to-skype calls. So you can call a skype ID instead of a phone number.

========= - P2P Pay-Per-Minute for live interactions on IMs like: Skype, Google Hangouts, Viber, Tango, Oovoo etc
There is not trust on internet, nor in real live, when money is involved. Paying-per-minutes gives you peace of mind in not needing to pay upfront. As an expert - you can give real time trials (new customers!) but not for free.

We bring the payment where real human interaction already happens: on Instant Messaging applications like Skype and soon on ooVoo, Yahoo! Messenger & AIM.
$ ฿ € ¥ ₤


Why Us?

Minutizer brand can be as great as Paypal. This is the market opportunity, but we need to be a great team to get there.
We start low and we grow. We are still a startup but working togheter you get:
-already a balanced team (business + tech)
-Bucharest or Iasi or remote office
-Bucharest office is inside Tech Hub co-working place - a great community and a vibe you can not feel anywhere else in Romania
-attend togheter with the team the events and conferences (in Ro but mostly in Europe/US) related to fintech and vertical specific events (like educational events or adult entertainment events or security events or crypto currency events and so on)
-be part of the romanian founding team of a start-up that can impact millions or billions of people that need a tool to charge, per minute, for their time and knowledge.
Because on internet, and in real live, you do not trust people, when money is involved. Pay per minute, as time goes by.


Sediul central
Bucharest, Romania