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Yum Software srl as part of Madrivo Medial LLC is a digital marketing company that encompasses both advertising and publishing directions of email marketing. Our goal is to offer the best solutions for online businesses, from software and digital platform development to online marketing and branding. Yum Software srl (Madrivo Romania) is an enthusiastic and success-driven team which appreciates innovation and flexibility extremely necessary for its dynamic area of interest. Madrivo Media LLC is a privately held corporation delivering direct marketing, publishing and advertising solutions and services to Fortune 500 institutions worldwide since 2006. Madrivo currently provides email and Internet marketing services to over 500 existing clients including managing more than 1000 newsletters and advertising campaigns monthly. The Company's principal executive offices are located in Stateline and Las Vegas where senior management operates the company’s global offices, but also in Bucharest (Yum Software srl). Using the experience achieved over the years Madrivo software team developed one of the best email marketing and Internet advertising system using the latest software and hardware solutions. With expert data, creative, production, mailing, response management and keen insight, Madrivo pioneers some of the most effective programs in the industry. This has helped Madrivo earn a loyal client base that has helped us become one of the leading marketing partners in the world. Madrivo turns corporate messaging into one-on-one conversations with customers. Offering expert guidance and best-in-class tools such as, variable local marketing, personalized continuity programs and the fulfilments for hand-raisers or purchase-triggered programs, Madrivo delivers the most creative and effective programs to the targets that matter most.