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SmartDreamers for Android Install

INDG is a creative CG technology company focused on interactive product engagement. Computer Generated (CG) imagery is all around us. Consumers accept this as the new standard for visual communication and that fuels the desire for similar experiences elsewhere. INDG believes that at some point in the future all products will be virtual to everyone everywhere, which makes it possible to completely revise the way we learn about and interact with them. Buyers get to know their products through photorealistic CG visualizations, interactive 3D models, augmented reality and virtual worlds. 

For the past 15 years, we have been helping multinational players like Philips, Ralph Lauren, Adidas, Electrolux, and Yamaha from our bases in Amsterdam, New York, and Bucharest. INDG’s technology allows consumers to explore phones, shavers, television sets, cameras, vacuum cleaners, ovens, washing machines, couches, chairs, and many more products from every angle, inside and out. 

Sediul central
Amsterdam, Nederland