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Crispico Software Services focuses on enterprise clients that have special needs regarding the software they are using. Some of the main business areas that we are involved in: airport handling operators, airline/passengers, airline/cargo, harbour, etc. Complex IT systems are crucial for this kind of businesses. The software systems that we are developing have a distributed architecture, and are able to process a large amount of data in order to provide each user and participant to the business process feedback in real time, as their actions depend on our software. In order to fulfill our commitment to innovation, we are adopting state of the art technologies, to answer to our clients' needs in an optimal way. For the special performance needs, we are using the Java Enterprise platform together with various distributed computing technologies. The applications often have multiple user interfaces: fat clients (desktop applications), web clients (accessible via the web browser), RIA clients (Rich Internet Applications that bring the power of desktop processing, within a web browser, powered by Apache Flex or HTML5) and mobile clients (Android, iOS, Windows CE).