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CompuGroup Software Romania, part of CompuGROUP Software GmbH delivers important software to improve health and the quality of life.

  The history of CompuGroup Medical SE began 25 years ago. In the early days of the industry, the computer scientist, Frank Gotthardt, recognized the benefits of software for the healthcare sector.

 At the turn of the millennium, the company gained customers in other European countries, and later in Asia, Africa and the USA. To pave the way, the company went public with its listing on the stock exchange. In 2010, it was renamed CompuGroup Medical AG (CGM) and combined the subsidiaries under this brand. On February 09, 2016 the conversion to a European Stock Corporation (SE) took place. The company now has offices in 19 countries and is one of the leading international providers of software in the healthcare sector.

  A person’s health is their most valuable possession. With intelligent IT, we help preserve it. We encourage communication in the healthcare sector and ensure that costs are kept low. Every person should be able to profit from medical progress with the help of IT.

  Everywhere in the world medical treatment is gaining importance: people are getting older and scientific progress makes new therapies possible. IT plays a crucial role in keeping costs low and treating people successfully.

  We support medical care providers in supplying the best treatment in a cost-efficient manner. Medical and administrative data is provided when and where it is needed. Also we build bridges between physicians, pharmacies, health insurances, laboratories, rehab & care facilities and hospitals and help them to optimally treat people.


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Leipzig, Germany