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Boxador is an internet software incubation and development team. We strive to fuse minimal design with rich utility and content value and to achieve the most fluid user experience in all of our products.

Our founding team is comprised of experienced software and internet entrepreneurs. We have been through the full spectrum of ventures, from the early and expansion stages to the exit of multiple successful online and software companies.

From the incubation of the brand to the birth of the user experience, we are experts in exploring and developing a vision for a brand that equally represents the design and function of the solution. We rely on our many years of experience to help overcome the common obstacles that software and internet companies face.

Our development team is small and very cohesive. We work on multiple projects, making for a uniquely challenging and constantly changing work environment. We work smart not hard. We know exactly what we are looking for in every person we hire. Our management team is 100% behind our dev team and do amazing things to keep us happy, engaged and productive.



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Iași, Județul Iași, România