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“Our goal is to provide simple yet effective solutions for mobile business, both for small start-ups and for medium and large businesses. All our products have been developed based on the idea that a mobile business is better than a fixed one because it can be adapted to people’s routine, ie. potential customers, without being influenced by the zonal competition or rents. As long as people will leave their homes to go to work or to go shopping or for a walk in the park, at a concert or on holiday, they will be taken by surprise by good businesses when they least expect it, but when they most need it. We tried to cover the most common problems that arise in business. The distribution and sales points are covered by Shop Trailer, the small volumes of cargo transportationare covered by Utility Trailer and the advertising is covered by AdBicy and AdTrailer. Thus we designed a new business model that can adapt and move to any location, providing a rapid pace of development, able to eliminate major costs and keep the ones that are left under control.”