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2016 year in review

2016 was the busiest and most rewarding year here at SmartDreamers, so we thought it would be nice to stop and look back at all our hard work.

SmartDreamers Team


Over 100,000 users

To put in perspective, that is the equivalent of Camp Nou 100% full.


Over 1,500 companies

Not bad.


We launched the interview invite system

Companies should apply to candidates as well. This is probably the most efficient recruitment solution for companies. Over 4,753 invitations were sent so far.


We redesigned SmartDreamers

We like sexy products. So we decided it is time to make SmartDreamer even sexier.


We opened our operations in Hungary

It’s awesome to go abroad and see that companies and candidates love your solution. This was the case in Hungary. Pretty nice.


SmartDreamers is integrated with InRecruit

If you are a candidate probably you don’t know what InRecruit is. Let’s put it this way: it’s the most advance recruitment software for companies.


Over 2,000 companies

And counting...


150,000 candidates and growing

Camp Nou is no longer enough for the Smart Dreamers.


We receiveed €700.000 investment

There are a few startups that reach this point, especially in CEE. We are happy to see that the startup ecosystem is growing fast.


We opened an office in Bucharest

Our headquarter is in Targu Mures. Targu Mures is a little bit smaller than Bucharest, quieter, less traffic and cheaper. So we decided it is time to open an office in Bucharest as well.


First colleague abroad

In Budapest, as Country Manager. This is quite awesome for us, as we are a step closer to what motivated us throughout the hard work: to build a recruitment solution for the broader market.


We decided to review the year

It was an awesome year for us. Hope it was an awesome year for you too. With ups and downs, life is about going forward with your chin up.

Thank you 2016

Looking forward to meet you