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Our Story

We simplify the connection between companies and candidates

Who are we?

#SmartDreamers is the Internet-sized community that connects job seekers with employers. We don’t take sides: we enable both companies to smartly match their needs with the right candidates and make candidates more visible to their potential employers. Shortly put, we’re a bunch of fun, ass-kicking technology junkies, trying to make some dreams come true.


Because passion is what makes us tick. We truly believe in creating momentum that matters and putting people at the forefront of their true calling. Isn’t that cool? To have someone help you make your dreams come true? That’s us.


We do things differently. When it comes to making dreams come true, we mix the latest technologies with our recruitment savviness and off the hook attitude. P.S: It takes pros to mix the 3.

Creating a long term connection

The 'finding a job' journey is not an easy one. Therefore, we prepared a bunch of tips and tricks, articles and success stories to make your way to the top enjoyable.