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Steelcase is an important name in the furniture industry, present on the global market for over a century, with products dedicated to workspaces, educational and health environments. Although many of those who have heard of this brand think about furniture first, the Steelcase business is about people. How so? Read on and find out!

What do you mean “to unlock human promise”?

Long-gone are the days in which people would sit in their cubicle, waiting for time to pass. Organisations are realizing that people need a purpose, and they need choice and control over where and how they work. For more than 100 years, we’ve been helping companies rethink their workplace to support these needs. We create great experiences, wherever work happens. And we start with ourselves!

What exactly do you do?

We are the number one manufacturer of office furniture worldwide, offering a full portfolio of workplace, healthcare and education products, furnishings and services. We didn’t get to be the global leader just by selling a lot of furniture. We are successful because our customers value our knowledge and insights about work, workers, and the workplace.

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What about Cluj?

In five years, Steelcase Cluj has grown from a shared service center to a strategic cross-functional hub that helps drive our company’s business. Since 2012, we have grown from 1 to 270 people. And we don’t intend to stop!


This evolution was made possible through one formula: connecting people and purpose and providing the environment that gives them choice and control, enabling them to connect with colleagues worldwide, through state-of-the-art technology and collaboration tools. Ranging from IT to Finance, to Graphic Design to Sales Support, Operations, Brand Communications, Marketing and much more, our Business Centre in Cluj has become a power-house for the company, growing in skills, in creativity and new ways of working. Crossing borders, time zones, connecting cultures and mindsets, are all in a day’s work for us!

Who’s “us”?

We are a global team and diversity is one of our key strengths. We encourage people to bring their whole selves to work: their curiosity, their creativity, their authentic self! We equip our people with the latest technologies, allowing them to move freely in the space, switching between collaboration and focus work.

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What other strengths do you have?

It all lies in the potential of our employees. We continuously invest in their learning and development, we grow new mindsets, we imagine new processes, we constantly prototype and try new things. Our people apply a human-centered approach in everything they do, starting with designing their own career path. They grow their network and influence by having global exposure and being in permanent contact with colleagues from other locations.
And of course, our space.

Space? Tell us more! 

Yes, space matters! Space shapes behavior. And behavior over time is culture. Organisational culture is strength. We may speak different languages but we share common values! This is the glue that binds across continents, countries, personalities. Our workplace addresses the needs of people and reflects the culture of our company: interconnected, inspirational and collaborative. The environment is designed to adapt to any need or preference. It offers support for focused work, as well as for socializing and wellbeing – spaces where you can disconnect and relax. Advanced technology in our space (telepresence systems, Microsoft Surface) makes remote work and collaboration a breeze.

What about development opportunities?

Our over 35 teams in Cluj offer the possibility of a high diversity of work. You craft your own career path by developing skills based on your interest and receiving continuous coaching and feedback to support your growth. Training opportunities are delivered constantly in our office and other Steelcase locations. More than 80% of our employees had the chance to travel and work from another European or US office at least once in 2016. Travel arrangements are made to balance work and personal time and flexible working hours are tailored to roles and business needs. An online platform supports life-long learning and there’s always the office library for the ones that prefer to grab a book.
It all goes back to people and purpose – everyone can achieve a sense of meaningful work, by seeing their contribution to the company’s worldwide success.
We have replaced our annual performance reviews with constant on-the-job coaching and feedback. This creates a partnership between teams and leaders and performance becomes a way of working, not a moment of evaluation.

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What do your people say?

Meet our colleagues: Eric Hernandez, Pricing Analyst; Marinela Dragos, Senior Office Admin Assistant; Florentin Marginean, Database Administrator&SAP; Oana Carean, Interior Designer; Razvan Naste, Leader, Finance Team

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locuri de munca pe SmartDreamers

locuri de munca pe SmartDreamers

locuri de munca pe SmartDreamers

How do you make a difference?

We create great experiences, wherever work happens! Our purpose is to create a better world, and happier people, with spaces that help them unlock their true potential. And this means our community too! Corporate Social Responsibility is high on our agenda and we are involved throughout the year in partnerships with organizations in Cluj and Romania, with programs ranging from environmental protection, housing, underprivileged groups, women’s empowerment and gender equality.

Describe Steelcase in less than 10 words!

Improving the workplace, inspiring people to do their best!

Prove it!

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