Start-up marketing tips: How we’ve increased conversion rate with 175%

Picture this: you make a simple change to your product and you increase the conversion rate (visitors to registred users) with 175%. It’s double. Here’s how you can do it.

Back in March 2014 we launched SmartDreamers, the recruitment platform, with the aim to simplify the connection between companies and candidates. We were building a product in a very crowded market, where the top players are investing large amounts of money in advertising. Spending the marketing budget in the most efficient way was and is a must.

The MVP version of SmartDreamers had a structure quite similar to other recruitment platforms, where users land on the homepage, and from there, they can search the job list. The thing is that it is not that often that you find exactly the job you were looking for, and because of that, we were losing users who didn’t have solid reasons to create an account. We had headlines and call to actions, but still it didn’t make that much of a difference.

We then analyzed what other players with searchable content do. If we take a look at Twitter or Facebook, from the landing page, you don’t have access to content without creating an account.

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Even though you don’t have access to content from the landing page, the content is reachable from search engines, for SEO reasons.


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What you find is a minimalist homepage. Mattan Griffel covers the “minimalist page high ROI” in one of his articles.

As in the case of most startups, our marketing budget was low. We needed a solution to increase the conversion rate. We wondered if implementing the same minimalist landing page as other websites, would result in an increased conversion rate. Still, we were held back by the fact that all our competitors offered unlimited access to their content, without determining the user to create an account.

But hey, isn’t being a startup all about testing? So, we decided to take the same approach as Social Media platforms, and offer a teasing of the job content on our homepage, and full access only after the users created an account.

SmartDreamers, startup, marketing, conversion rate, tips


Immediately we noticed a huge increase in the conversion rate, even though we were investing the same amount of money in advertising.



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Indeed, a higher conversion rate is not a big thing unless the users become engaged. As in our case, they didn’t became engaged, at least not in the first few days after registration. Making them engage is where the onboarding kicks in. It is in the onboarding where we can find data about the users, that we can use to keep them in contact with the product on the long term. More on the importance of the onboarding in a future article.

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